Fidelium Fund Services

About Us

Fidelium Fund Services Pte. Ltd. is a subsidiary of Fidelium Group. Fidelium Group is an established venture builder, investment and

management consulting company with a presence in Asia, Europe, United Kingdom and United States.


We provide a comprehensive suite of professional services for businesses. These include corporate structuring, corporate finance,

fund raising, fund administration and corporate secretarial services.


Our dedicated fund administration team provides comprehensive and bespoke fund administration services,

which typically includes the following:

Fund Launch & Transition
  • Review and provide commentary on all documentation, including offering memorandum and investment management agreement

  • Assist with selection of professional service provider including attorneys, auditors, brokers and custodian

  • Advise on key regulatory requirements for the Fund

  • Open a bank account for the fund
Cash Management
  • Complete control around cash management cycle including subscription, Redemption, and Transfer processing

  • Payment of standard non-trading related payments

  • Maintenance and communication of authorised signatory list
Investor Services
  • Set up and maintain share register of investors

  • Review, reconcile and  process investor subscriptions and redemptions

  • Communication and confirmation of all dealing information to underlying investor, including investors commitment, capital calls and distribution

  • Regular reporting of Net Asset Values and fund performance to investors

  • Handle investor queries and requests
Accounting Services
  • Corporate actions – identify and record investment actions into our accounting system, maintain accounting books and records of the fund

  • Pricing – calculate the net asset value based on fund’s pricing policy and maintenance of valuations accordingly. Portfolio pricing to be done independently, where possible

  • Fee calculation – calculate all the fees including performance and management fees

  • Plan, execute and maintain the official books and records for a seamless audit
Compliance & Regulatory
  • Review investor details and subsequently register under the required rules and regulations

  • Complete AML and risk screening for anti-money laundering verification

  • Regularly review Know Your Client (KYC) procedures for investors to determine source of funds and conformity

  • Constant maintenance, documentation, and record-keeping to ensure compliance

Our related companies within Fidelium Group will be able to provide the full suite of accompanying professional services, so you can enjoy a one-stop service provision. The services available with the Group include incorporation, registered office address, corporate secretarial services, GST filing, accounting, recruitment, payroll and other local regulatory compliance services.

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